About Me

Hello, my name is Paul.

I have a long standing passion for music, in paticular piano and guitar. When I was a youngster I was told to sit in front of a piano and to practise endless scales.  I was told what to do and how to do it, but not WHY I was   doing it. Now despite this unpleasant introduction to the wonderful world of music, as I grew, I found other teachers, and discovered books that explained the things that my early teachers didn’t bother to explain. Now my whole life revolves around music in one form or another and I would like to share my passion and experiences with you. What I’m hoping to to do for you today is help you play to the best of your capability. I’m offering reasonable rates to all who wish to learn. In the mean time have a look at my music theory video on the right. I will be doing other video tutorials in the future.